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Get Active and Enjoy the Outdoors in Ireland's Shannon Region

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Whatever type of trail you enjoy, from a leisurely stroll in County Clare to the action packed mountain biking trails in Ballyhoura, County Limerick, activity holidays in Ireland’s Shannon Region offer the opportunity to experience stunning landscapes, uncrowded golden beaches, picturesque river valleys, lakes and woodlands, and a captivating culture.

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Best Massage Chair Reviews (2019 Update) | Top Full Body Recliners

I’ve decided to use the experience I gained during those years – mainly by talking to customers and hearing what they have to say, talking to suppliers and manufacturers and reading reviews on other sites like Amazon, wall-mart and more. Also I’ve read countless best massage chair review and comparison articles such as one on this website here, or here.

So after going over dozens of brands and about 80 massage chairs, I compiled a list of 7 massage chairs, that in my opinion are the best ones offered in 2017 and are definitely worth their price!

Benefits of Trails

There are many benefits of trails that everyone from planners to the public should know about. They improve the economy through tourism, provide opportunites to improve fitness, make our communities more livable, and preserve open space.
Research has strongly identified the health benefits associated with the use of recreational trails. These include:

  1. Weight control
  2. The development of healthy bones and helping to prevent osteoporosis

Canoeing Safety Tips

When participating in canoeing note should be taken on the following safety advice: 1. Never ever take to the water alone – bring some friends who are competent canoeists and…

Trail News

Walk of the Week: Ballycroum Loop, East Clare (abstract from The Irish Independent website) There’s something about East Clare. This subtly seductive region of steep little pastures and river valleys,…

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With County Clare been voted in the world top ten of the Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel 2010’ guide, it’s an ideal location for a cyclying holiday.

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